Learning OpenGL

The start of this month proved to be very busy for me and my new challenges! These days, I am learning OpenGL (or you may call it, Open Graphics Library) which is something next level in terms of graphics! It is pretty hard and requires solid concepts of using vectors, geometry, matrices and just mathematics! It requires to be more creative and more patient.

OpenGL Logo

To be honest, I really, don’t want to do that at first after knowing the fact that how calculative one must have to, to just begin with it. But after realizing the facts that general graphics SDK’s (SDK stands for Software Development Kit) like SDL2 and SFML don’t give many of the features that OpenGL gives and also, are built on top of OpenGL, I started to learn it.

For just proving my point, I have made a video which shows shining and rippling water which of course, is not possible with high-level SDK’s like SDL2 and SFML, is made using OpenGL in C++.

YouTube: BAC C++ – OpenGL Water

Well, I am not going to give the source code here because it is not the right time for now. But you can ask for the concept, the idea and maybe some little bits of codes behind it


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