Pixel Art is the process of making sprites, sprinkling the effects of shading and lighting on to it, all by our own hands! If you want to know more about Pixel Art, you can go here. I started to learn Pixel Art along with OpenGL as I posted it here.

I am learning to Pixel Art because I want to make sprites of my game with my own hands! It is not necessary for making a game at all! I am not learning something next level like modelling or painting (yeah, they are next level!) because I don’t want to be an artist. Apart from that, Pixel Art is the easiest method of creating digital art to learn! If you want to start out with Pixel Art, I recommend you to visit this page.

I use GIMP for doing pixel art but you can have Photoshop as well! You can see my very first pixel art below! It don’t looks great which is also an indication that I just started doing it…

First Pixel Art
My first pixel art

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