Working on Doboomler…

Working on Doboomler…


Something decent enough to publish on the market.

BAC Studios is working on a new game called Doboomler.

It falls under the endless runner game genre (Don’t worry! It’s not another clone of Temple Run). Instead of running, there will be falling. It will be a ball with a face (see that image above). Then, DOBOOM, DOBOOM AND DOBOOM. (Explosions are very common in the game)

I am currently developing it on Unity and using Inkscape to draw its assets. The journey is pretty much smooth. I am still struggling to fix so many bugs. I found drawing and redrawing assets quite tiring.

And still… it is just a small game.

But I ensure you that it will be addictive and fun to play.

I don’t wanna show much of the game until it is well polished and it has enough elements. Never mind that because I do have a deadline in my mind.

I hope that a lot of people will enjoy the game and all. I am very inexperienced in terms of marketing and advertising but I am trying my best to ensure that someone, somewhere would play my game. 🙂



Hello World!

cout << “Hello World!” << endl;

Hello there,

I am Bilal Ahmad Cheema and this blog is all about programming! Learn C++, create tiny programs and if you encounter some errors, ask me and the community for a fix. Its about innovative programs which are made using some easily understandable colorful logic! It’s about the game that we all want to develop! It’s about the algorithms that feels hard although, are very easy.

It is the very first post of this blog. There is not only C++ but there is Java as well. For C++, there will be programs related to SDL2, Box2D, OpenGL and Bullet. For Java, there will be programs related to standard JavaFX only. I am not an expert programmer. Therefore, I am not a magician. But I am interested in programming. To know more about me, check out My Story.

Feel free to ask! Its about sharing and caring!