My Pixels: Four Shades – Strength in Man 0

My Pixels: Four Shades – Strength in Man 0

Count the colors please.

Are they 4? Ops, its 5. My mistake! It should be in the monochromatic category.

I saw a video on YouTube in which someone was doing a pixel art and it is my attempt to try to imitate him. (It is obviously not the same and he did it much better. And I forgot that video title and channel name -_- )

I tried to do dithering (regular pixel pattern) and it is… ammm okay. But the hand is so badly drawn and looks disproportionate.

I draw it on Pyxel Edit and colorized it on GIMP (It was black and white). Unfortunately, I uploaded only the colorized version which have this problem that the whites are not whiter.

Grid Size: 128*96 (This is scaled by 4)

Strength In Man 0
Strength In Man 0

My Pixels: Random Man 1

My Pixels: Random Man 1

Bored me, tried to do some pixel art.

I did a lazy pixel art. And bothered uploading it on my blog. It is quite a long time since I did a 32 by 32 pixel art. Here, you can see a scaled version (128 by 128 pixels).

Huh! At least, better than my first pixel art.

Grid Size: 32*32

Random Pixel Man 1
Random Pixel Man 1

My Pixels: Monochromatic – Red Dungeon

My Pixels: Monochromatic – Red Dungeon

Monochromatic… must be boring.

It is similar to the Four Shades category but… with more shades.

I hope that makes sense. This time it is a Red Dungeon… more like bloody dungeon. I started off by thinking of a horror/creepy scene and it ended up like that.

2 versions, one with more contrast. This time, I used Pyxel Edit free version which you can download here.

The only feature I used it for, is Tiling feature. It not only allow us to use a group of pixels in a repetitive tiling fashion but it does so in kinda, live mode. Other than that, you don’t get much from the free version.

Each tile is 32*32 pixels. Grid size of the whole image doesn’t matter when using tiling. So, I didn’t bothered with it.

Red Dungeon
Red Dungeon (Contrast)


My Pixels: Four Shades – Beach Aside The City

My Pixels: Four Shades – Beach Aside The City

Someone told me to try less colors. Limiting oneself to something like 4 colors/shades increases the rate of learning. It also motivates a person to try a bigger grid size. If you can guess every element in the image below without considering the title, it is a good pixel art.

The image is made with only with white, black and 2 shades of grey. It is then, scaled 2 times. After that, I played with its temperature and applied a little-blue tint.

Although, I do believe that there are a lot of mistakes. For example, I should have used some black on the palm tree as well. The far-off palm tree looks a bit too pixellated. The plants, although seem visible, have no shadow of there own. The shadow of the rock in the bottom right seems a little miscalculated.

Obviously, there are more mistakes. But it is much more organic and natural-looking than my other pixels. So, let us just enjoy the view!

Oh and by the way, this is not made in GIMP. This is made in Pixly, an Android Pixel Art Editor which is, in one word… awesome.

Grid Size: 256*128

Beach Aside The City - Made with only 4 shades (colors)
Beach Aside The City – Made with only 4 shades (colors)

My Pixels: Lonely Jug

My Pixels: Lonely Jug

Hmmm… Guess what? Another Pixel Art! This time, the grid size is 128 by 128, not 64 by 64! It gets 4 times longer and lengthier (and so, harder as well) to get a good pixels on the go! I found myself, not very good with bigger and tiny grid sizes! This time, not so special! Just a lonely jug on the straw…

Grid Size: 128*128

Lonely Jug Pixel Art
Lonely Jug

I also make a low resolution version of it, by using linear interpolation. It may look better to you than the above one!

Grid Size: 64*64

Lonely Jug (low resolution) Pixel Art
Lonely Jug (low resolution)