Making An Intro Video

I heard of Adobe After Effects that it is an awesome software for video editing and camera tricks. So, I bought it and tried it out.

I had not done any practice or tutorial before making this intro video below. I am wowed myself! It is too easy to do great and professional stuff…

I hope that you like it.

Of course, it is just a try. I don’t want to make it my true intro video. Maybe, I will just use the same video above and modify it a bit so that, it looks better for my intro video.

Thank you Adobe!


My Pixels: Lonely Jug

Hmmm… Guess what? Another Pixel Art! This time, the grid size is 128 by 128, not 64 by 64! It gets 4 times longer and lengthier (and so, harder as well) to get a good pixels on the go! I found myself, not very good with bigger and tiny grid sizes! This time, not so special! Just a lonely jug on the straw…

Grid Size: 128*128

Lonely Jug Pixel Art
Lonely Jug

I also make a low resolution version of it, by using linear interpolation. It may look better to you than the above one!

Grid Size: 64*64

Lonely Jug (low resolution) Pixel Art
Lonely Jug (low resolution)

My Pixels: Sunset with Water Scene

I made another pixel art! This one is better than the previous one here. All my pixel art showcases will be under the series named, My Pixels.

Pixel Art is not something that is related to programming but a game developer requires resources for his/her game and of course, one of those resources are Sprites/Images for characters, items, etc. Having the ability to make fine sprites, give the developer an upper hand for creating his game colorful in his own ways.

I hope that you like my art although it is very low detailed! For a beginner like me, it looks fine!

Grid Size: 64*64

Sunset with Water Scene Pixel Art
Sunset with Water Scene