I failed…

I couldn’t reach my target…

10 downloads of my game, FALLINGbits, in 30 days… Got only 1.

I am feeling very depressed. Maybe I am not good enough yet.

Maybe I need to put more effort and especially more time.

Time is of the essence. Maybe I…

It doesn’t matter anymore.

I will try again and again and, I won’t lose.

To those who supported me, thank you for your support. I really appreciate that.


‘Making the Top Down Shooter Game: Aviator’ Unity Game Manual

‘Making the Top Down Shooter Game: Aviator’ Unity Game Manual

1 and a half year ago, I made a game called Aviator. Then, I thought of writing its manual. And I recently checked my old stuff and realized that I should post it on my blog.

At that time, I was learning Unity and its basics so, I never know a lot of techniques that I know, now. (Seriously, it could have been much easier)

Anyhow, the manual is step by step guide to make the game. The only issue is that I never completed it!

That includes the Graphical User Interface (partially done), the basic Sprite Sheet animation, Music and Sound Effects.

Not a complete package and that is why I am giving it away for FREE!

I am not giving the Unity Game Project itself due to some reasons. But I am sharing all the resources that I used in the game including the music. All the resources are not created by me and so, don’t blame me if you get into some copyright issues with your game. I am sharing those resources for educational/learning purposes.

I hope that the manual will greatly help you.

Aviator Manual: Download Link

Aviator Resources: Download Link


FALLINGbits: What is the status?

FALLINGbits: What is the status?


I can’t believe it man! Seriously, this is amazing.

I got a download!

Look at the image below! A download. Really, whoever he is, he made my day. Thanks to him.

FALLINGbits Status #1
FALLINGbits Status #1

Now, 9 more downloads in 20 more days. If you want to help me achieve this target, here is the link.

To those who are thinking:

Wha? This is nothing. Seems like that someone did an act of sympathy. 6 views! What a lowly molly it is….

And so on… Yeah, you are right.

I just wanted to see how things goes on. The real thing is yet to come.

The reason for such less views is probably because…

  1. I never considered doing marketing.
  2. Itch.io has probably smaller audience who would like to download a game and play it on there Android phone rather than just play it on web.
  3. My game runs on Android only. (again same reason)
  4. My game is not good enough. đŸ˜„
  5. I have not paid much attention to my blog.

I have been very busy dealing with multiple stuff. But I will not leave my blog again.

Stay tuned for more. And do check my game on itch.io (the link is given above).

FALLINGbits on Itch.io

FALLINGbits on Itch.io

My first ever published game… 😀

Here is the link.

itch.io makes it easy for anyone to publish games and many more stuff into the market. It is just an experiment to see how well things can go over there.

My target is to get, at least 10 downloads in 30 days span.

Thank you for making it possible.

FALLINGbits is a straight forward game. It can’t be any simpler.

Avoid bits.

Keep the finger on the screen.

If you remove the finger, the game will pause. Colliding with the bits (squares) will result in losing the game. A simple game worth playing.

It becomes super after 90000 score (90 seconds of playing one game).

Unfortunately, it is only for Android. File size is almost 1 MB only. You may face some issues if your device have the resolution of non-HD aspect ratio.

Some screenshots…


It is one of my old projects that I did with C++ and SDL2. I learned a lot during that time. Do tell me if you want some SDL2 tutorials here.

And yes, I didn’t forgot Doboomler and still working on it.

Try it. You may like the game. And if you do, don’t hesitate to comment!

Working on Doboomler…

Working on Doboomler…


Something decent enough to publish on the market.

BAC Studios is working on a new game called Doboomler.

It falls under the endless runner game genre (Don’t worry! It’s not another clone of Temple Run). Instead of running, there will be falling. It will be a ball with a face (see that image above). Then, DOBOOM, DOBOOM AND DOBOOM. (Explosions are very common in the game)

I am currently developing it on Unity and using Inkscape to draw its assets. The journey is pretty much smooth. I am still struggling to fix so many bugs. I found drawing and redrawing assets quite tiring.

And still… it is just a small game.

But I ensure you that it will be addictive and fun to play.

I don’t wanna show much of the game until it is well polished and it has enough elements. Never mind that because I do have a deadline in my mind.

I hope that a lot of people will enjoy the game and all. I am very inexperienced in terms of marketing and advertising but I am trying my best to ensure that someone, somewhere would play my game. 🙂