Duration of Learning Programming

Duration of Learning Programming

This question is quite impossible to answer with guarantee. There are huge individual variations in how long it takes to pick up programming. Some people learned to program in just a month, some in half a year and others in more than 2 years!

Of course, if your only task in life from this moment is to learn to program and you have nothing to distract you in your way, you’re probably going to get the basics down in just a month.

What is unquestionably true is that you can’t learn to program just by reading the posts, watching the videos or listening to some tutor. You’ll need to try out all the codes yourself, and try to think of ways to elaborate upon it, or else Google for exercises. Or even better (and also my favorite method), think up your own simple programs to write, like text-based games that ask people to guess things or get them to answer questions. Attempting to write your own programs is a sure route to programming success, but it will take time.

Remember, programming requires concentration and a lot of time. It’s really only worth learning to program if you think it’s the kind of thing you might enjoy doing. If you just need money, go somewhere else because there are many ways to earn money, easier than programming.


Hello World!

cout << “Hello World!” << endl;

Hello there,

I am Bilal Ahmad Cheema and this blog is all about programming! Learn C++, create tiny programs and if you encounter some errors, ask me and the community for a fix. Its about innovative programs which are made using some easily understandable colorful logic! It’s about the game that we all want to develop! It’s about the algorithms that feels hard although, are very easy.

It is the very first post of this blog. There is not only C++ but there is Java as well. For C++, there will be programs related to SDL2, Box2D, OpenGL and Bullet. For Java, there will be programs related to standard JavaFX only. I am not an expert programmer. Therefore, I am not a magician. But I am interested in programming. To know more about me, check out My Story.

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