Developing a Game: SamuraiDuel

Now-a-days, I am developing a game called SamuraiDuel. It is going to be a 2D game and being built on OpenGL, SDL2, Box2D and CEGUI all in the language, C++.

SamuraiDuel Title
SamuraiDuel Title

Before starting to develop the game, I first developed the base of a very low level Game Engine which I should call a GL Engine, GL SDK or something like that, in order to work with OpenGL with ease. Of course, I called it BAC GL Engine 2 (I tried to make one before but it has some big flaws and so, I put ‘2’ this time after the name).

I am not satisfied with that name. If you had one in your mind, please do comment below.

SamuraiDuel is going to be a side scroller fast paced pixelated game. Of course, it will take time to get completed and once it is completed, this is the place where I will confirm this.

There is the screenshot of the game! I hope that you like that…


All pixel arts are made by me and I think it looks fair.

That’s all that I have to say! If you want some features in it or just has something to tell, comment below and tell that to me! It will be really appreciable.

UPDATE: The project is closed and is no more under development due to lack of funding and maybe, motivation. Sorry guys! But who knows… I might complete it someday!


Learning Pixel Art

Learning Pixel Art

Pixel Art is the process of making sprites, sprinkling the effects of shading and lighting on to it, all by our own hands! If you want to know more about Pixel Art, you can go here. I started to learn Pixel Art along with OpenGL as I posted it here.

I am learning to Pixel Art because I want to make sprites of my game with my own hands! It is not necessary for making a game at all! I am not learning something next level like modelling or painting (yeah, they are next level!) because I don’t want to be an artist. Apart from that, Pixel Art is the easiest method of creating digital art to learn! If you want to start out with Pixel Art, I recommend you to visit this page.

I use GIMP for doing pixel art but you can have Photoshop as well! You can see my very first pixel art below! It don’t looks great which is also an indication that I just started doing it…

First Pixel Art
My first pixel art

Learning OpenGL

The start of this month proved to be very busy for me and my new challenges! These days, I am learning OpenGL (or you may call it, Open Graphics Library) which is something next level in terms of graphics! It is pretty hard and requires solid concepts of using vectors, geometry, matrices and just mathematics! It requires to be more creative and more patient.

OpenGL Logo

To be honest, I really, don’t want to do that at first after knowing the fact that how calculative one must have to, to just begin with it. But after realizing the facts that general graphics SDK’s (SDK stands for Software Development Kit) like SDL2 and SFML don’t give many of the features that OpenGL gives and also, are built on top of OpenGL, I started to learn it.

For just proving my point, I have made a video which shows shining and rippling water which of course, is not possible with high-level SDK’s like SDL2 and SFML, is made using OpenGL in C++.

YouTube: BAC C++ – OpenGL Water

Well, I am not going to give the source code here because it is not the right time for now. But you can ask for the concept, the idea and maybe some little bits of codes behind it

Hello World!

cout << “Hello World!” << endl;

Hello there,

I am Bilal Ahmad Cheema and this blog is all about programming! Learn C++, create tiny programs and if you encounter some errors, ask me and the community for a fix. Its about innovative programs which are made using some easily understandable colorful logic! It’s about the game that we all want to develop! It’s about the algorithms that feels hard although, are very easy.

It is the very first post of this blog. There is not only C++ but there is Java as well. For C++, there will be programs related to SDL2, Box2D, OpenGL and Bullet. For Java, there will be programs related to standard JavaFX only. I am not an expert programmer. Therefore, I am not a magician. But I am interested in programming. To know more about me, check out My Story.

Feel free to ask! Its about sharing and caring!